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To be recognized as a trusted commercial provider of professional,
competent and good moral Filipino seafarers in the global marine industry.

To be committed in greatly satisfying the requirements of our valued customers while maintaining
commercial success through a business culture of committed professionalism, high integrity and the
unyeilding Filipino Spirit.

Quality Policy
Top Ever Marine Management Philippine Corporation is a certified marine manning agency.

We provide Manning Services to our clients by providing qualified professional,
competent and well-documented Filipino seafarers for overseas commercial shipboard employment.

In our pursuit towards client satisfaction, the company endeavors to surpass the following quality policies:


We strive to provide our clients with a consistent quality service that exceeds the global service requirements thru a
progressive development of company business practices. We endeavor to continually
improve our effectiveness and efficiency for both sea and shore staff by upgrading our knowledge and skills and ensuring
a level of motivation and commitment to achieve a high degree of satisfaction from our clients.


We hold the Filipino moral in implementing the business ethics on the daily company operation. We recognize and adhere to the local and international employment business practices in ensuring that there is a sense of fairness and recognized equal opportunities the recruitment and employment of Filipino seafarers.


We recognize the importance of the environment in order to sustain life for the current and next generation of Filipinos. We strive to improve the condition of the planet by adhering to a 'Green Policy' that focuses on minimal wastage and increasing the flora component of the office surroundings.


We strive to establish a sound work-life balance for our employees and to our contracted seafarers. As such, we aim to improve the living conditions of our employees thru a sound career development plan that caters to their financial and professional requirements. Furthermore, we adhere to the proper employment conditions to the seafarers employed for vessel assignment as per local and international regulations.


We recognize the role of the company in fulfilling the life objectives of its employees and contracted seafarers. As such, the company endeavors to surpass the safety and security standard to maintain the premise of safety of life at land and sea. In keeping the safety and security of our employees and seafarers, we maintain a protocol of confidentiality to ensure that information is privy only to all concerned parties.


As instigated in our pursuit to exceed our quality service, we adhere to fair business practices that recognized the rights of our employees and to our contracted seafarers. We adhere in consistently implementing the local labor laws and the regulations included in the POEA contract and any Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to the seafarer. This includes the proper implementation of the complaint and disciplinary procedure for the employed and contracted workers.